Skate Brands

Island Water Sports' skate section is one of the biggest sections in the store, and is one that is changing the most. Island Water Sports gets new shipments of decks, wheels, trucks, bearings, hardware and tools, regularly.
Some of the brands Island Water Sports carries:

Decks: Alien Workshop, Almost, Amaxon, Anti-Hero, Baker, Black Label, Blind, Chocolate, Creature, Darkstar, Deathwish, Dirty Ghetto Kids, Element, Enjoi, Flip, Foundation, Girl, Habitat, Krooked, Mystery, Plan B, Real, Santa Cruz, Schrank, Slave, Stereo, Toy Machine, Zero, Zoo York, Arbor, Loaded, Sector 9

Longboards: Arbor, Loaded, Sector 9

Wheels: Alien Workshop, Autobahn, Baker, Bones, Darkstar, Element, Enjoi, Hubba, Pig, Ricta Wheels, Sector 9 , Spitfire , Zero

Trucks: Destructo, Independent, Gullwing, Krux, Royal, Silver, Tensor, Theeve, Thunder, Venture

Bearings: Bones Redz, Bones Swiss, Consolidated, FKD, Independent, Lucky, Sector 9, Shorty’s, Speed Metal, Spitfire, Zero

Grip Tape: Jessup, Mob

Hard Good: Bones Wax, Bones Bearings Cleaning Unit, Creature Wax, Reflex Utili Skate Tool, Shoe Goo, Unit Skate Tool, Mini Logo Riser Pads, Independent Bushings


Surf Team

The Island Water Sports surf team includes some of South Florida's top pro-surfers and hottest up-and-coming surfers. These guys rip and we think that they represent what we would like to see the future of surfing look like.

Surf Team


You'll find a large selection of surfboards, stand up paddle boards, skimbaords, and bodyboards. Rentals for an hour or as long as you need.

Board Rentals

Skate Videos

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Skateboarding Videos

Skate Team

These are the current members of the IWS Skate Team. Take some time to browse around, check out their profiles and take a look at the photo gallery! Make sure you check out the IWS Podcast for new skate videos.

Skate Team

Skate Lessons

Island Water Sports provides skateboarding lessons for all ages and all levels. Our lessons are provided through GoSkate. America's Largest Skate School puts you on the fast track to being a confident skateboarder. With over 15 years in business, we are the premiere school for all ages and abilities

Skateboarding Lessons

In 1978 Island Water Sports opened it's doors and became the home of South Florida’s skate and surf culture. Since then, at IWS's core has been a gang of skater’s who have become the store’s staff, crew, team and customers.

That said, IWS has since grown to be an intrical part in the regenerating of South Florida's skate scene. During our thirty years of history, IWS has seen some of South Florida’s most talented skaters and individuals come and go – all of whom have helped shape our unique identity and attitude.