Island Water Sports has seen some of South Florida’s most talented skaters on our skate team – all of whom have helped shape our unique identity and attitude.

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  •   Date of Birth5/ 20/ 1998 Hometown Boca Raton, Fl Years Skating 2.5 Sponsors Island Water Sports Go-To Trick Front Big Favorite Skate Spot Miami, Citi Bank Hobbies Skating Future Plans Become a Pro Skater Crew My Brother, Carlos, Cameron Thanks My Whole family, my filmer/brother, and Todd for accepting me. Quote "...sick"    
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    Harrison Mazzarella

  • Date of Birth: 06/30/1995 Hometow: Baltamore, MD Years Skatin: 6 Sponsors Island Water Sports Go-To Trick: half cab flip Favorite Skate Spot: Maitlan banks Hobbies: skate, surf Future Plans: IDK Crew: Island skate team Thanks: mom, dad, God Quot: "Power to the people"  
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    Alec Shore

  •                       Date of Birth: 03/23/90 Hometown: Atlanta Georgia Years Skating: 11 Sponsors: IWS Go-To Trick: crooks Favorite Skate Spot: Wood Ward, Atlanta Hobbies: Skateboarding,cars Future Plans: TampaAM Crew: island crew, Ramp48 Thanks: mom and dad ,god,vans Quote: "giggity goo"                         Pompano Beach
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    Steven (Turtle) Herman

  •                           Date of Birth: 04/03/2000Hometown: Boca Raton, FLYears Skating: 2Sponsors: IWSGo-To Trick: heel flipsFavorite Skate Spot: roof topsHobbies: Skateboarding, fishingFuture Plans: pro skateboarderCrew: Shrian Bop, Kanner TaufmanThanks: mom and dad , god, IWSQuote: "skate big or go home"                       Pompano Beach
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    Sean O'Connor

  •   Date of Birth9/ 29/ 1996 Hometown Pompano Beach, Fl Years Skating 5 Sponsors Island Water Sports Go-To Trick Varial heel Favorite Skate Spot Citibank, Miami Hobbies Skating, football Future Plans IDK Crew Island Water Sports skate team Thanks My Whole family Quote "Get rich or die trying"  
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    David Ferguson

  •   Date of Birth2/11/97 Hometown Boca Raton, Fl Years Skating 4 Sponsors Island Water Sports Go-To Trick: ollie shove, rock to fakie Favorite Skate Spot Ramp48, Citibank Hobbies: filming, soccer Future Plans: own my own skate shop, pro skater Crew: Luke, Wyatt, Brandon Thanks My Whole family Favorite Skate Spot: Vans Skatepark  
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    Fabiana Delfino