Deerfield Beach Cam

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This Update

8:00 AM Monday, September the 29th, 2014

Surf Scripture:

John 14:6 Jesus answered- "I am the way and the truth and the life! No one comes to the father except through me!"  AMEN!!! Jesus speaking! (Look it up- read it for yourself!!!)

Surf Conditions:

Ankle to Knee High plus ESE wind swell mix. Kinda Long-Boardable. Better later???


Partly Cloudy this morning with a 70% chance of Rain later. High around 86 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Winds: ESE 5-10 at the beach this morning.
Water Temp: 87 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Low @ 6:00 AM  High @ 12:30 PM



Maaaaaybe some waves later this week. Maybe. We'll see. Keep PRAYING!!! Check



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