Churhcill Makapuu Pro Fins-M

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The two-time World Champion Jeff Hubbard developed these fins for himself. He went through several different prototypes until he knew he had designed the best fin known to mankind. Although they share the same mold as the original Maks, the Hubb Makapuu Swimfins are stiffer and offer greater thrust. Hubb also spared no expense, adding built-in neoprene fin pads for added comfort and fin tethers to help protect your investment in his high performance signature swim fins.

Additional Information

brand Chuchill Swim Fins
Meant for ocean or lake activities.
Patent dolphfin design offers optimum power and acceleration.
Helps maintain total control of direction.
Acts like a skeg/rudder on a surfboard.
Soft rubber covering on the foot for comfort.
Stiff rubber blade for more kick power.

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