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Summer Camp Manager

Summer Camp Manager
We are looking for a Captain of the Ship; a born leader with the eye of a hawk. 
You will need to coordinate everything at your location. You have to be a rockstar multi-tasker, super detail-oriented, and confident decision-making skills.  This job is important because it requires you to be present and conscious of the schedule, but also think ahead for tomorrow to make everything gets packed up correctly.
You can also read the weather conditions and water well, while maintaining safety protocols.  We will provide our innovative in-house training that not only supports you in leading an incredible camp, but also offers life skills that will be helpful in your own journey.

Let's Have a Board Meeting if:
  • You are able to teach surfing and feel confident in the ocean
  • You are patient, but also energetic
  • You embrace the “first one there and last one to leave” mentality
  • You stay calm during high-pressure situations and can problem-solve/prioritize quickly
  • You are teachable and open to coaching
  • You researched and familiarized yourself with our company

You’re in the Green Room if:
  • You genuinely wish to help, inspire and teach
  • You have previous experience managing camps
  • You have a strong background in a manager role
  • You are Lifeguard or EMT certified 
  • You are a positive and healthy role model