US Divers Anti-Fog Solution

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Enhance your underwater visibility with a simple application of the U.S. DIVERS Sea-Clear anti-fog gel. This clear gel is safe to use on all tempered glass lenses and leaves no colored residue behind. It's highly concentrated and should be used on dry dive masks before they are submerged in water.

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brand US Divers
Water and body temperature break down the original coating of anti-fog on your goggles and masks.
Extend or rejuvenate it with a 1 fl oz bottle of U.S. Divers Anti-Fog Solution
It has been designed to defeat fogging and to boost the existing anti-fog coating of your U.S. Divers eyewear.
Clear anti-fog gel used for enhancing visibility in dive masks
Concentrated formula that leaves no colored residue
Safe for all tempered glass lenses, Non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol free

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